With the days growing shorter, then lack of Pimms being served and the queue to Gatwick Airport finally letting up, the signs that summer is ending are becoming hard to ignore. Although summertime blues might be setting in as we head into Autumn, the season of sunshine and garden parties are still fresh in our minds. The smell of BBQs and fruity ciders lingering on the air from what has been one of the most fabulous summers to date. Not only did we survive the hottest day EVER, with global warming outdoing itself and cranking the temperature to 40 degrees here in London, but also still managing to have some great parties despite the lack of AC or public transport. Here at Livestock, we had one of our busiest summers yet, as with great weather comes great demand for outdoor festivities, so we threw some fabulous doos over the last few months. 

We kicked off the summer in style, collaborating with Corona on their X Parley beach clean up project, where we jammed to the sunset tunes of Polo Bravo on Brighton beach at a fun outdoor pop up created in the up & coming sea lanes. With a great community feel with many of the local members joining in on the project, everyone was enjoying the chilled out vibe of the evening. The last weekend in August saw the creation ‘Mark’s 60Fest’; held in the gorgeous back garden of a Kentish farmhouse, with a view of the London skyline and surrounded by sweeping countryside. This fabulous venue was to be host to one of the best celebrations of the summer, a highlight for the community and client alike.

With a festival-style theme and the hope of good weather, LP began to put together not one but TWO parties, which would be celebrated back to back, which meant the creation of a party space loved by both 60yr olds and 18yr olds. LP rose to the challenge; armed with banana cocktail syrup, 100 limes and many many metres of fairy lights, we got to work on creating an unforgettable event. We wanted to bring the rustic style of the venue into the decor with wooden pallet seating, antique barrel poser tables, tree stump coffee tables and fluffy blankets. Creating a flow between the outdoor & indoor space, which was perfectly accommodated by the Capri marquees with the big open archways, creating two spaces which the guests could easily move between throughout the evening. One dedicated to the dance-floor, the other a cosy seating area around the bar. 

With the evening in full swing, the festoon lights guided guests to our marquees where a grinning cocktail barman waited to serve banana daiquiris and peach bellinis, surrounded by twinkling lights and smiling hosts the event was off to a great start. The sound of The 360 blasts through the night air, with their DJ mixing new and old tunes accompanied by a live saxophonist and percussionist, this great act soon got everyone on the dance floor. Everyone was down to bust a move and have an amazing time. A great way to finish off the summer of celebrations.

With the great success of the last weekend of summer, and the small patch of rain that attempted to ruin the event – to no avail, always on hand with a contingency plan! Here at LP, we are beginning to turn our attention to the upcoming fall and festive months in great anticipation. With this festive season promising to be bigger and better than ever before, with many new and exciting acts to joining us and some fun projects in the works, the transition to these damper months might not be as painful as initially expected.