Polo Bravø was born in the festive fields of Britain circa 2010. A love child of the Secret Garden Party sound, a maverick of the DJ world, stepping out playing outrageous festival stages with merely his phone (“that takes serious balls” – DJ Avalon) Polo Bravø has since mastered his craft & distinctive sound, and now professionally rocks dance floors around the world.

Spinning an eclectic, unexpected, unreservedly upbeat mix of deep disco, vintage remix, electro blues & swing, ghetto funk, and naughty house. Winner of the Noisily 2018 Treehouse Stage DJ competition. Festival credits include: Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Burning Man, Noisily, Bimble Bandada, and Isle of Wight. He is fast gaining recognition as one to watch.

Audio Mix available on request.


The British festival scene is arguably the finest in the world and has proven to be ripe territory to collect live musicians. Polo Bravø LIVE assembles a lineup of cherry-picked instrumentalists very much at the top of their game. Regular faces incl:

Drums – Charlie Stirzaker (Slamboree)

Guitar – Amadis (Amadis & The Ambassadors)

Sax – Ayo (Royal College of Music)

Voice – Bridgette Amofah (Rudimental) – seeking approval 

Rap / poetry – Peter Moore (Pete the Poet)

Special requests welcome, there aren’t many instruments that can’t be sourced. Musician rates vary.