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If you missed our New Website Launch on 6th of July, welcome back. Please have a browse through everything we have on offer at Livestock Productions. Our selection of bespoke live shows and event entertainment is stronger than ever. The website details a comprehensive search feature that enables fast and no fuss bookings.

If you have stayed in tune, since our launch, we have been busy gathering new live bands, circus acts and party entertainment.  In addition we have been exploring new opportunities for exciting, innovative and often interactive entertainment concepts.  Interestingly, many clients have shown they are willing to embrace technology and cutting edge.  As a result, our new ArTech rostra is growing all the time.

Late Night Tube

Our industry celebrates the launch of London Late Night Tube Travel. Most of all, we are very passionate and supportive about how this will shape the enetertainment industry in London, and the difference it will make to many of the venues we have had the pleasure of working with.

However “London is being put to sleep at night” says DJ Tim Westwood. The night time tubes are running but with no use as 50% of the capital’s clubs have been forced to close in the last decade. Londoners are beginning to struggle to see a use for the Night Tube.  The campaign #nightlifematters is making waves in this area, and has our full support. Much as the City continues to be in a state of crisis over these closures, there is a momentum growing amongst supporters. Rather ignited by the recent closures of Fabric and Passing Clouds, supporters of entertainment gathered to a well- attended street march staged last Saturday. Please sign the petition at Night Life Matters if you haven’t already.  

Demise of the Entertainment Industry?

Many of the entertainment industry movers and shakers have been speaking out about the travesty of the continuous demise of live entertainment venues, clubs and bars over recent years.  Notably there has been much discussion around the demonisation of their role in society.   DJ and actor Goldie, booked by Livestock to appear at a premiere entertainment event at the Cafe De Rouge, very eloquently states his case in the video link below. The message from him and many other spokespersons for the cause is loud and clear.  We are without doubt denying the UK it’s next generation of music history.  Sadiq Khan tweeted in favour of #SaveFabric but his voice seemingly went unheard by Islington Council..

Night Time Losses for Entertainment

Whether to make room for more much needed housing, or as a result of noise complaints by local residents, we have lost many venues in London and other cities across the country.  Losses such as 12 Bar, Proud 2, Madame Jojo’s, The Fridge, The End, The Astoria & The Wapping Project are painfully acute. More recently The Curzon Cinema Mayfair, is fighting against being demolished to make way for luxury flats.  In some cases it is only one disgruntled local resident whose single voice is the final nail in the coffin of a licensed venue. Since a successful venue at the heart of an area is often what initially attracts residents to move in.. the phrase ‘careful what you wish for’ springs to mind ….

London, the vibrant city that it once was, is still home to students, migrants, travellers, city workers and families. However, the question that everyone is asking is, can London still claim to be the aspirational cultural entertainment hub it is famous for??  There is no doubt about it, our UK night time industry is changing, and we can only hope there is a new youth phenomena growing in our midst, with grand plans to fill the extremely big boots of the legends that have gone before?!  

Impact on the Entertainment & Events Industry

Livestock hopes that our clients and suppliers will continue to make the most of the opportunity to take part in discussions that shape the entertainment industry.  Consequently, you will have heard our voice if you follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Those links were live, so just go back, click and please do get involved.

Especially relevant to us, is the talent that we work with, who are born of the nightlife industries. As producers of original creative content for the events & entertainment industry, and bookers of live acts, we rely on the plethora of talent that is accessible to us in London.  Moreover, we have been a part of some exceptional events this year, producing entertainment for a number of prestigious clients, working on themed events involving multiple artists & crews. The live entertainment that we book into these events owes a great deal to the world renowned clubbing culture of this country.  

Most noteworthy, many performance artists wouldn’t exist today without the opportunities created within the world of cabaret presented by niche venues like Proud and Madame Jojo’s, or the diverse clubbing venues of the 80’s and 90’s.   Hence DJ’s and live bands were born out of live entertainment venues such as 12 Bar, Passing Clouds and The Astoria which are sadly no longer in existence. While it’s not just London that is suffering this fate – venues in Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow…are all owed a huge cultural debt.


In conclusion, we will continue to keep abreast of developments in this area and make meaningful contributions where we can. Almost certainly our night life entertainment industry is destined to find new feet at the hands of an up-and-coming generation. This generation may find that the boots they aspire to fill are beginning to stumble. No longer will they have the luxury of a plethora of venues where they can be stomped in unison, to the bolshy beat of the drum..

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