Victoriana Walkabout

Historical comic-character walkabout acts:

The premise of The Victorian Walkabout is restraint from fun & frivolity; all done with tongue firmly wedged in cheek. They have pledges to be signed, pointers on etiquette & deportment, and apparatus to help determine whether ‘one’ has the remotest chance of reform or is a lost cause!

These ‘shocked & shockable’ characters make a hilarious addition to festivals, parties & festivities in general.

Is your deportment dreadful? Has your etiquette evaporated? Are your morals meagre or missing? Indeed is your sobriety sodden with sin? Then never fear, the Victorians are here, to help you mend your ways. They’re frightfully proper, sombre and stern, with a terribly stiff upper lip.

With a rustle of crinoline and a crackle of starch they’ll dust down your decorum, stiffen your backbone, and sort out your p’s from your q’s. Arriving in a whirlwind of petticoats, these Victorian crusaders are the very model of virtue you need in these times of excess!

“This is the perfect street entertainment and the interaction with the crowds spot on, we have had loads of positive feedback. A really professional and funny act, appreciated by all – thanks once again”. Dave Morton, Booker, Colne Rhythm & Blues Festival.