Festive comedy walkabout characters

The act is available as a one – five person comic walkabout show. The premise of The Victoriana Christmas Walkabout at Christmas is restraint from fun & frivolity; all done with tongue firmly wedged in cheek!

They have pledges to be signed, pointers on etiquette & deportment, and apparatus to help determine whether ‘one’ has the remotest chance of reform or is a lost cause!

These ‘shocked & shockable’ characters make a hilarious addition to festive parties & festivities in general.

If you’re drowning in a sea of depravity then clamber aboard the lifeboat of morality! With a rustle of crinoline and a crackle of starch this couple will dust down your decorum, stiffen your backbone, and sort out your p’s from your q’s. Arriving in a whirlwind of petticoats, these Victorian crusaders are the very model of virtue in these times of excess!

 “That was superb, I loved it, and you can quote me any time on that!” Development Funding Manager, Pendle Council.

 ”Their through research, attention to detail and will to make a success of the project resulted in a performance that was truly memorable.”  Emma Carroll, Senior Manager, Manchester City Galleries.