Immortal 3D Aerial Artist

Incredible work form the digital studio this leading performer combines her futuristic aerial dance with kaleidoscopic 3D mapping and video projection.  With a powerful legacy as a neo-burlesque performer, Empress Stah has generated a futuristic body of work that have spiralled her into zero space gravity and back down to earth again!  Culminating with her now signature aerial laser act, she has an act to suit any occasion.   ,

Known for her often risqué approach to performance and impressive collaborations with imminent artists such as Peaches, Empress Stah has also curated a number of performance art pieces that are geared towards the events industry.

With strong themes and concepts, she has worked with a variety of of moods and ideas that are surprisingly versatile and even accessible to corporate and younger audiences!  Always a talking point, this artist never fails to deliver.