Elvis – The King

This performer is the true King Tribute act.  He has been crowned with many glories, winning best European Elvis Impersonator as well as appearing on Stars in Your Eyes.  Having been a fan of Elvis and his music for as long as he can remember and as he got to know more about the man and his music, he came to understand why Elvis was called The King. After listening to his sisters recordings of Elvis he became interested in the late 60’s and early 70’s songs and began to sing along to the tracks..

As he matured, people remarked on how similar his voice sounded to Elvis’.  His first full performance was a tribute to Elvis in 2003; he found the audience response to be overwhelming. He captures Elvis at his very best vocally, and his shows cover the full range of the Elvis song book. For those who missed an Elvis in concert it is a chance to relive the excitement of a live show.