Acrobatic Carousel

Adagio acrobatics act + adagio acrobatics and aerial silks ambient sets on the revolving rig. Hoop ambient sets also on offer by the female on request.

Adagio acrobatic act length: 6 minutes approximately.

Ambient set lengths for adagio acrobatics/solo hoop/solo silks: 15/20 mins. Ambient sets are not choreographed specifically to music and are usually slower paced than the act. These sets can be performed to ambient music, but please request this if you would like us to bring the soundtrack.

Number of sets: Up to 3 times per event. This may be a combination of the act and ambient sets; Just ambient sets; Or an act 3 times depending on your requirements. Please note, when we are performing more than twice, we limit our ambient sets to 15 minutes due to the strenuous nature of the performance.