Acrobatic Extravaganza

Adagio acrobatics at it’s best! This act is full of high lifts, tumbling, incredible gymnastic balances & amazing hand to hand acrobatics. It can be a combination of the choreographed act & ambient sets. Available as a duo or an acrobatic troupe.

The acro team can also perform extreme tricks in a gymnastic extravaganza! Daring high-balances they combine with fast & exciting tumbles to display the ultimate show for your event.

The gymnastic all girl trio act combining contortion, tumbling and Acro-balance. It has been made specifically for Olympic torch events during London 2012 and now continues to wow audiences worldwide!

Ambient sets are not choreographed specifically to music and are usually slower paced than the act. These sets can be performed to ambient music, but please request this if you would like us to bring the soundtrack. For ambient slots, the acrobats can perform around the venue and not just in one place.

These acrobats are top of their game and performed this act for London Olympic torch events, The Olympic Organisers Committee, Olympic sponsors & now perform at numerous events for corporate events over the UK & internationally.