Sensational Belly Dancers

These consummate performers can provide a wide variety of costumes and props including Illuminated (LED) Isis wings, candelabra headdresses, swords, veils and fire… Also available with live drumming to bring a more uplifting and tribal element to the performance.

We also offer Tribal Fusion, an exciting new style of bellydance, emerging only in the past few decades.

The “tribal” bellydance movement vocabulary is a mixture of traditional bellydance, flamenco, tango nuevo, bollywood, and urban pops and locks, as well as elements of theatrical contemporary dance. Adorned with a coin-covered bra, kuchi belt and jewelry from the Middle East and Asia, the vibrantly costumed bellydancer personifies this fusion. Routines can cater to your event’s ambiance, from slow and intense to pulsating rhythmic beats–or anything in between.

Each tribal bellydancer’s style is unique with musical and stylistic influences ranging from klezmer to martial arts to hip hop to Vaudeville. Tribal dancers are perfect for anyone seeking something more unusual than a traditional bellydancer.

Tribal fusion bellydancers are available as both soloists and troupes. With their intricate and eye-catching costumes, they may also be hired for promotional work.