Live Summer Puppet Entertainment Acts by Livestock Productions.

Illuminated, talking puppets

The Meadow Sprites is a strolling/walkabout street theatre show consisting of 2 puppeteer/performers operating 2  bunraku-style puppets, (the puppeteers are visible, veiled, & are behind the puppets animating their movements, giving them voice).

The show is a strolling visual spectacle involving spoken interactions with the audience/public & accompanied by a magical ‘summer meadow soundtrack’.

Charming, cheeky & thoroughly engaging these magical creatures have flown in from the meadow to explore the human world. Watch them as they fly & flit about, spreading summer’s warmth & tales of their woodland habitat. Now you see them, now you don’t!

To see what we mean you can find a short video and more information at: Live Summer Illuminated, talking puppets entertainment acts.

“The puppets feel so real that you end up speaking to them as if they are alive! They’re fascinating & the detail that’s gone into making them is amazing!” Jan Bell, staff, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Inverness.

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