Bubble Tricks For All Ages

With 10+ years experience, Will is a very experienced and talented Bubbleologist with an amazing repertoire of tricks – from giant bubbles to the tiniest bubbles in the world – bubble sculptures, smoke bubbles, fire bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, bubbles with his bare hands and tons more to delight and captivate every audience of any age.

Will has performed extensively throughout the UK and around the world, including Dubai, Indonesia, Abu Dhabi, Cyprus, Lebanon, and Egypt. His performance style is adapted to suit a range of situations, from walkabout/ mix & mingle, to stage shows. He has the benefit of being extremely tall, which makes his appearances all the more noticeable and memorable! Not satisfied with that, he also stilt walks with bubbles!

Will appeared in the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, as well as having performed in a wide variety of large scale productions, feature films/TV adverts, and both national and international tv shows.