Wizard Facts!

With his incredible ability to bring the magic out of bubbles, The Wizard Bubbles will wow, thrill and amaze you! An established performer who oozes warmth and happiness, he combines his background as a bubbleologist, magician, cabaret artist and dancer to provide adults and children alike with a tailor-made experience that’s truly unforgett-a-bubble!

He has recently displayed his bubble skills for the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Transferwise, and Burberry, celebrating the opening of the brand’s beauty store in Covent Garden store, and performs throughout the UK at weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, Bar-Mitzvahs, and schools/special needs centres.

Whether he’s performing his bubble wizardry during an interactive walkabout in London or at a party in the Middle East, our friendly wizard will draw you into the enchanting world of bubbles and close up magic. Before you can say “abracadabra”, The Wizard Bubbles  will make bubbles as teeny as an ant or as large as an elephant.

And the Wizard Bubble”s greatest trick? Turning adults into children and children into happy children through the excitement and wonder of bubbles and magic!

What could be more magical?

We offer a selection of bubbleologists to create breathtaking bubble sculptures before your very eyes, blow smoke magically into bubbles, put you, your friends and your kids inside bubbles, and wow you with their extraordinary bubble trick repertoire. Tricks include UV bubbles, smoke filled bubbles, caterpillars, square bubbles and many more…