A Whale of an Adventure

Livestock invite you to cast off your shoes and squeeze into its true-to-life 50ft (18m) inflatable Sperm Whale. Enclosed in a lobster-net fence and guarded by a nosy Fish Wife, brave swashbucklers are lead into its belly, revealing a lavishly decorated seascape interior (one of the two options below)

Installation 1: Pirates Misadventure

Once inside they encounter a shipwrecked Pirate with a treasure tale to tell and a real live Mermaid with a haunting siren’s song and an intriguing secret.

Installation 2: Mariners Museum

Inside The Whale, to the sounds of crashing waves, an ancient Sea Salt leads visitors around a living museum of deep sea wonders. Curiosities include mermaids’ purses; an arm wrestling octopus; a skeleton with xylophone ribs and bewildering flotsam and jetsam.