Victorian Twin Gentlemen

Introducing Felix and his identical twin brother Felix, The only Penny Farthing bicycle stunt-riding identical twin team in show business!

Felix and Felix are multi-skilled performers, equally comfortable with a big street show or an intimate meet and greet.

They are actually Guinness World Record Breakers for the most amount of ‘front hops’ ever performed on a bicycle! They broke the record at the London Olympics in 2012 – in costume, on Penny Farthings, naturally!

Never failing to charm and amaze, the twins display a bewildering array of skills including demonstrations of penny farthing bicycle stunts, crystal ball manipulation, improvised comedy, the odd magic trick and Robotiks – a chilling representation of the Movement of Machines from the Future.

All this is accompanied by vintage tunes on a suitcase sound system and the odd ukulele solo.
Felix and Felix can cover ground at big events or work close-up with guests at more intimate ones, provide static entertainment, shows or walkabout.

If you’re looking for vintage entertainment, Victorian or steam-punk theme entertainment, or just something totally different for an event or wedding then our world-record holding street theatre duo will be right up your alley!