Surrealist Theatre Installations

Gentlemen’s Walk

Highly developed theatrical set pieces that are responsive to audiences.

Striding in strict formation, these serious looking gentlemen stop in mid-step and freeze for up to five minutes. A crowd gathers to investigate. Suddenly, the freeze is broken with a blood-curdling primal scream. They then continue their progress, repeating the exercise. People love to follow them to watch the reaction of the next unsuspecting audience.


A very simple format: high status very British characters brought hilariously down to earth by the fact that they have yappy little dogs in tow.

Excess Baggage

A group of 4, or even 24, lost tourists carrying bright Pink Suitcases cause confusion as they try to find each other. Everyone turns out to be a long lost friend! Eventually, they manage to meet up, join their suitcases together and create more mayhem attempting to manoeuvre themselves round the streets. A classic piece of theatre!