The Passage

The Journey resembles an early flying machine with elements of Madmax and Leonardo da Vinci concepts all rolled into one. This multi-sensory vehicle, with it’s own sound track accompanied by two performers will perform 3 x 45 min sets throughout the day.

For audiences of all ages, humorous, yet thought provoking, it will be fun to watch and inviting to participate in. The Journey visually mixes the old and the new, into an engaging performance, it transcends language barriers and takes people on a journey into their own imaginations.

Set in an imagined future dystopia, packed full of bizarre characters trying to re-gain the magic of flight, this back-to-basics underworld of crazy contraptions and quirky characters is inspired by 19th century theatre sideshows. During the hours of darkness the act is self-illuminating.

The interactive performance will connect with the audience, producing unexpected experiences, that breaks free from the boundaries of the “stage”. It will be an extraordinary and highly visual experience, that can be viewed from 360 degrees at street level, with minimal dialogue and expressive physical theatre, so as to transcend language barriers, and provide universal appeal to the widest possible audience.

The ideal locations are public events, and outdoor spaces not normally associated with theatre such as streets, parks and public squares.