Theming: An Aztec jungle inspired entrance installation supplied by Livestock with themed performers.   A water feature would further enhance this installation.

Sculptures 1m high x 50cm wide – these will  need to be hung.  Includes face frames, metal tribal skulls 2.5m high (self standing) and palm trees (leaves can be painted colourfully)

Performer options:

2 x Shamans
1 x Tribal singer with LED walking stick
Aztech Witch with glowing balloons
2 x Jungle Neon Bird Dancers
3 x Aztec Warriors includes headpieces & costume accessories with full body painting
2 x Humanimal


More images of Aztec Warriors uploaded.  These masks and costumes were made for a film so no studio shots exist of them. Screen shots of the film included.  The foxes skull mask is now a cape. 



3 x Aztec Warriors includes headpieces & costume accessories with full body painting

RATE: £1,930 + VAT

3 x Masked African Performers headpieces & costume accessories with full make-up

RATE: £1,930 + VAT

2 x Humanimal

RATE: £950 + VAT


Guests are served hors d’oeuvres (we can provide sushi for this purpose) or simply admire and pose alongside the jungle girl costumes.  A selection of different styles are available  below.




These mischievous creatures will cause havoc & hilarity whilst providing fantastic photo opportunities.  The humour and energy they bring is reminiscent of the Raiders of the Lost Arc Film.



A parade of elegant flamingos, swans and birds of paradise cohort coquettishly with guests.  Birdcage available on request.



Two elegant birds hang, climb and perch creating an enchanting feature with chirping jungle soundtrack.  Stilts walkabout set also included.


Embodiment of eastern styling, these exotic bird like medusa creatures are also able to perform acrobalance on stilts.


No one knows from whence they came, or where they go. Similarly to the Blue Creatures, these eastern characters are able to perform acrobalance on stilts.


Unique and befitting the theme. The sculptures are priced according to size (weight of sand used) and whether there is a requirement for the installation to have an interactive element.  

Please note, the event production team is responsible for the purchase and disposal of sand.

Opulent Opium Den



Not an adventure of epic scale without snakes!  This duo have the costumes and vibe to fit the theme, although some additional styling & bodypainting suggestions are featured below.


Providing a focused show with glorious golden wings.  White wings are available (as per video) golden are additional cost to hire.

Mix and mingle sets also available.



3 x Isis Winged Ballerinas 1 x 4 min focused show & 3 x 15 minute mix and mingles.


Decadence, glamour and beauty.  The embodiment of The Shanghai dream…

LED costumes also available.


One of the most flexible performers in the business!  Stunning shows, costumes and choreography.

Semi-finalist in Britain’s Got Talent.

Egypt – A Function Room dressed in Gold



The UK’s only fully professional ragtime band – was formed in 2010 by percussionist/vocalist Nicholas D. Ball, who conceived the novel idea of a band portraying a group of ex-RFC aviators and performing authentic music themed around the Great War. Having completed detailed research into the musical repertoire and performance practice of the era (drawing on 78RPM recordings and a library of antique sheet music), he staffed the band with five other like-minded young professionals active on the London jazz scene. After much deliberation the orchestra was eventually named after Nicholas’s namesake, the real-life flying ace Albert Ball, who himself played the violin in a squadron orchestra and was killed in 1917.


Drinking Class Heroes, evoking the past to entertain modern times. They have already appeared with such luminaries asCamille O’Sullivan, Paul O’Grady, Paloma Faith, Buena Vista Social ClubLana Del ReyJessie JOlly Murs, the heroic Kid Creole and in the Oscar winning Movie “The Theory of Everything”.


This swinging band is interested in the music of Sidney Bechet and the upbeat swing of New Orleans. The Four’s unique combination of trumpet, soprano sax/clarinet, guitar and bass, separates the group from traditional Dixieland groups with the omission of drums and piano. This streamlined formation allows the band to navigate New Orleans and swing standards with unparalleled energy and tightness while maintaining the melodic integrity of the canon. The band features anything from four to eight players, covering repertoire from giants of the genre including Count Basie, Fats Waller, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet.

This band have quickly established themselves as the most exciting young jazz band in London, having already played venues including Ronnie Scotts, the 606 Club, the Vortex Jazz Club, Annabel’s and The Servants Jazz Quarters.

The band are happy to play without vocals, but when you hear the voice of the vocalist you may change your mind! Having said that, he reserves this vocal pleasure to a few special numbers only.

“London’s new Swing Princes” – Evening Standard

“Cocktails or Conservatories? If jazz is going to survive, it needs more bands like this one” – The Sunday Times


Wonderful focused dance act that will inevitably bring humour, style and charisma to the proceedings.  In some ways it captures the spirit and humour of the Raiders of The Lost Arc film.


These three elegant performers take hand balance one step further as they work off of each others bodies, negating the need for apparatus.  A combination of contortion, acrobalance and hand balance, this is a truly unique display of strength, focus and flexibility. For this show only we combine these amazing acrobats with a Cyr wheel, bringing a number of elements into play to create the finale act.

The first image is a guide to costumes only (different performers).  Costumes to be created to this spec in gold. Two prices available depending on the level of detail required in the costume.  Cyr Wheel performer to be made up in full gold body paint.

Video of Cyr Wheel and basis of Acro Handbalance act below.  The latter will be to the same standard with different performers (2 x female, 1 x male)

The video below features the athletes that would perform as the trio in this act.  They are Olympic contestants.


The Masquerade Show blends Venetian costume splendour with dynamic modern light-emitting props to create a show of fun, grace and beauty.

These giant characters costumed in regal reds and glittering golds will transform your gateway into a portal of the opulent past.  Like the torch bearers of old, let these magnificent Jesters be a beacon to your guests enticing them with masterfully manipulated fire and preparing them for night of excitement and fun.

Skills base includes Contact Juggling, Human Statues/Mime, Fire Breathing and Hula Hoop.

Incredible!”  – Les Dennis, British Comedian Television Presenter and Actor


An incredible feat of strength and grace.  One of the most highly regarded disciplines in circus, this performance is a sight to behold for those who have never before seen the Chinese Pole.  A solo and duet are available, although videos aren’t the best quality.

Rigging implications to be considered, tech spec available on request.


This is an example of a consummate circus act.  This level of skill is rarely available in Europe. This duo are from Russia, and can also provide the Egyptian themed show in the video below.


Shadow Dance

The shadow show starts with a main character walking onto screen and discovering a scroll. She pulls the string and opens a very large map. On the digital screen we see that it is a map showing where hidden treasure can be found. She traces the dotted lines which take her through different countries before her finger lands on the big X. At that moment the map begins to shake. As it shakes it grows bigger and bigger until it completely swallows the main character. She and the map mysteriously disappear into a blank screen. 

The next scene sees the main character running onto screen with the scroll still in her hands, she has arrived in a new land. Many characters enter and form landmarks with their bodies. It becomes apparent she has landed in the USA. Her journey across the world in search of the treasure continues throughout the show and takes her across many lands. These include the deserts and amazing skylines across the Middle East, Europe, the Great Wall of China and it’s ancient history with large dragon and temple, Africa with wild animals, Egypt with a giant Sphinx, India and even to Australia, New Zealand and beyond! We transform our shadows to create different iconic locations throughout each country and continent. In each country she gets closer and closer to her treasure. In the final scene we see the digital map again and it shows she is close. As she makes her final steps, she discovers a big treasure cheast. She is unable to open it. All characters come on stage to help pry it open. Finally the cheast slowly opens on it’s own and the screen floods with golden light. The performers can all see the treasure inside and celebrate. The final image is of all performers performing an amazing acrobatic tableau with the treasure box and main character in the middle of it all. The screen fades to black. 

The show is set to an uplifting soundtrack with carefully chosen individual pieces of music which represents each country well. These have been edited into one soundtrack which runs smoothly and has impact.

Show length – 11 minutes with bows. This can reduced if required.

7 performers + 1 technician

Tech spec available on request.

The video below illustrates some of the sections that are in existence that will be used in conjunction with bespoke elements to represent the theme.  We can also look at including the client logo created with the performers’ bodies at the end if required.


7 performers, 1 technician

Full size screen & projector

RATE: £9,050 + VAT

In order to make the budget work, I suggest using the performers for multiple acts.  Please consider the following options as a mixture of focused and ambient sets:

Shadow Dance & Mixed Acro Trio & 1 Golden Winged Isis Ballerina

RATE: £10,385 + VAT

Shadow Dance & Mixed Acro Trio & 2 Golden Winged Isis Ballerina 

RATE: £10,811 + VAT

Shadow Dance & Mixed Acro Trio & 3 Golden Winged Isis Ballerina

RATE: £11,240+ VAT



The approachable and charismatic poet takes words, ideas and concepts from the audience.  He then uses his ability to improvise and instantly recites a rhyming, enjoyable and understandable poem linking everything the guest has said.  His sense of humour and ability to work to theme works beautifully for this event.

An act that is highly memorable and talked about for a long time to come. The show is enjoyed by all age ranges, and even those that don’t particularly like poems are astounded by his unique skills and amusing words.

Costume as per brief.

“Superb. You’ve done a stunning job. I can’t tell you how happy I am!”
Peter Merrett, Tower 42, London

“I received so many complimentary comments about your very special skill. You really do delight and amaze everyone.”
J.Lewis, Newbury



To include detailed costume

RATE: £1,250 + VAT


Mystical, other-worldly but with an Eastern vibe, these characters turn up only on the craziest adventures!  As guests enjoy their dinner, these characters travel through the space (Also suited to the reception)


Imposing and elegant, Cleopatra and her two acrobatic concubines make their way through the space as a spectacle to behold.

Image of slaves not in costume!  A simple slave outfit with body make-up is suggested.  

Shanghai Opium Den / Gold, Red, Boudoir 


Oriental & Egyptian themed tricks including the Tombstone Illusion Trick.  Costume as per brief.


Absinthe would be a good drink to replace the vodka luge with.  There is a ceremony around serving this drink. We are proposing a number of ways of serving and celebrating this drink.  

(to open the Absinthe Bar / Midnight surprise)

This show can be toned down if required, and fire is not necessary but can be replaced by LEDs/ribbons etc.



Aerial Bartending from Tutankha! He has finally woken up, and is determined to celebrate.  So raise your glass and get a refill, if he can manage to do so without completely unravelling.  This comedy barman supplies 3 x 15 minute sets. 


All the while, our Absinthe Fairies will ensure you are getting enough magic in your drink!  Complete with sugar burning ritual.


Inspired by the Dance of the Seven Veils, the exquisitely beautiful Elena enters the stage covered by a see through gold veil and dances en-pointe whilst taking off layer upon layer of gold veil to reveal a beautifully beaded and detailed gold costume.

Bitten by a snake, Elena moves to the pole to perform a daring and exhilarating performance until her very last breath.  A wonderfully conceived and executed original performance.

Performed to The Kingdom of Heaven and From Dusk til Dawn soundtracks (7 mins)

Midnight Surprise / Alternative act to announce the opening of the absinthe bar.


Whilst everyone is enjoying the activities, those who want to lose their minds, relax and indulge in the offerings of an opium den can lie down in the boudoir corner.  This is a decadent boudoir complete with relaxing odours and two chaise longues, where glamorous hostesses encourage guests to recline and place their opium masks on their faces.  They are then treated to a surreal experience – a three dimensional ‘tomb-raiding’ journey into Asia and beyond, to a dramatic operatic soundtrack, courtesy of virtual reality technology.

Like all Virtual Reality the video enables viewers to look all around them – behind them, upwards and downwards.

This boudoir could also have vaping pipes available as well as aromatic essences.  Livestock Productions to produce boudoir & VR Stations with Hostesses to man them.


The hostesses could be dressed in a number of different guises.  Some suggestions are below.


To include 4 x VR stations, one 360 degree film, 1 x technician, 2 x Opium Hostesses, full costume and make-up.

RATE: £2,400 + VAT


Incredibly powerful mix and mingle act.  Suitable for earlier parts of the evening also, although would be great to work with the darkness of the after party.


The prefect trippy opium fuelled video service for guests to interact with and enjoy. Hosted by a crazy Orientally-dressed psychedelic queen, this is an adventurous replacement for the traditional Photobooth.

Host is gifted with all video files after the event.