Street Dance

 Mixing old school Hip-Hop with modern day Street Dance, these high energy performances never fail to create an impressive visual spectacle.

Street Dancers often team up with our specialised Break Dancers who will demonstrate their amazing skills and perform an incredible array of tricks to wow your guests.

Break Dancers can be booked as individuals or as a group.

The Breakdancing troupe performs a combination of choreographed routines and freestyle dancing, demonstrating their skills in a ‘battle’ where the level of excitement builds as each individual competes to beat their opponent in a display of daring and physically challenging moves.

Flash Mob

A Flash Mob is a fantastic way to entertain your guests when they least expect it!

A Flash Mob performance can be created in any dance style. Whether it be Street and Break Dance, Charleston, Ballroom or 70’s Disco Dance, we can create the perfect routine to suit the theme of your event.

Street dance performances have worked especially well as a Flash Mob style performance and dancers can even be disguised as waiters, business delegates or party guests before suddenly revealing their hidden costumes and breaking out into their routine.

Flash Mob performances also work particularly well at trade shows and promotional events and are guaranteed to draw in a crowd. The dancers can reveal branded T-Shirts to promote a brand logo or advertising message.

Unique custom made LED costumes are also available for street dance performances.