We offer a number of packages giving you photographic and/or video coverage of your event and even going the whole hog with a live reporter interviewing guests on arrival, or throughout the event providing you with a video keepsake of the event.  For smaller events (and budgets) we can also provide a photographer with just the flashbulb (not actually taking photos) providing the feel of a red carpet event without the expense!
Paparazzi Options​
All photos are professionally edited and supplied in high resolution on disk with a website for viewing and free downloading of images. Our paps can be in retro, modern, suited or themed outfits.
Bronze Package 
1 hour red carpet paparazzi
Making the best entrance for your event, our paparazzi photographers give a glamorous start to any event.
Silver Package
2 hour paparazzi plus
For larger events and parties our paparazzi can stay longer to ensure all your guests get papped on arrival.
Gold Package
Paparazzi and event photos
Two paparazzi on the entrance, then an paparazzi styled event photographer to capture great party pictures.
For flash only and no real photos, we offer a 30% discount on prices
Red Carpet Video & Reporters Packages
All video footage is edited and presented online via a private youtube channel.
W offer a Red Carpet Reporter making your guests feel extra special on arrival with one of our red carpet reporters meeting and greeting them.
Red carpet and roving reporter provides footage of the whole event – our reporter stays on and covers the party or awards ceremony.