Masquerade Jesters

Elaborately costumed in renaissance grandeur, these stylish artistic Venetian characters perform stunning meet & greet, exquisite mix & mingle and a high-energy stage show fit for the kings and queens of today.

The Masquerade Show blends Venetian costume splendor with dynamic modern light-emitting props to create a show of fun, grace and beauty.

This high-energy music-choreographed performance combines virtuoso juggling talents with world class hula-hoop.  In addition this spell binding performance has the ability to climax with state-of-the-art “Digi-Poi” which traces fantastic patterns, pictures and even words in their light trails.
(Personalize your masquerade show with your own image or logo!)

Walkabout & Human Statues

These giant characters costumed in regal reds and glittering golds will transform your gateway into a portal of the opulent past.  Like the torch bearers of old, let these magnificent Jesters be a beacon to your guests enticing them with masterfully manipulated fire and preparing them for night of excitement and fun.

Skills base includes Contact Juggling, Human Statues/Mime, Fire Breathing and Hula Hoop.

Incredible!”  – Les Dennis, British Comedian Television Presenter and Actor