Lollipop Ladies

With excessive enthusiasm and a slippery grip on reality, the Lollipop Ladies are here to demonstrate and share its skills. Helping and hindering, fluorescent and effervescent, the 64th emergency service, the luminous hand of the law, they are a veritable flurry of fluoro. Experience their traffic-trauma, delight in their neon neurosis, and cross them at your peril!

These larger than life Lollipop Ladies are available to amuse & delight your audience with their antics & interactions in this comic character walkabout show consisting of one or two performers.

They make a wonderful ‘meet & greet’ act, and an excellent means of ‘transporting’ your guests between venues whilst providing many a chuckle and guffaw en route!

Standard length of show:

3 x 30 mins or 2 x 45 mins


“They entice you into their extraordinary world with grace, humour and a touch of anarchy. The Lollipop Ladies created just the right amount of consternation and mayhem to gather a loyal following in just a few hours. Accessible and high quality, their shows were hugely popular with people of all ages and the company were a joy to work with – positive, professional and fun.” – Julie Tait, Director, Kendal Arts International (Lakes Alive & Mintfest)

“The Lollipop Ladies were an asset to the Art Car Parade, and the audience loved their mischievous redirecting of traffic and people, and their banter delighted passers-by. The work of the company is always of the highest quality, and they are reliable and easy to deal with from a production point of view, as well as being creative and playful when performing. ” – Liz Pugh, Producer – Walk the Plank (Art Car Parades, Manchester & Newcastle).

“The Lollipop Ladies went down an absolute treat at the Feel Good Festival.  It was a delight to see you encourage such a wide variety of people to play and laugh – this is exactly what we wanted to achieve!  Your antics really brightened up the day and gave unsuspecting passers-by full permission to be silly.” –  Kelly Allen, Arts Development Assistant, Rochdale Council.

And watch out for those officious Lollipop Ladies who seem intent on helping people get to places they just don’t want to go The Guardian, Lyn Gardner, review of Streets of Brighton Festival.

“We loved you! The act was brilliant, marvellous!” –  Jennifer, Organiser, Batley Festival.

“We saw video footage of your Lollipop act and we thought “we’ve got to have them”! – Mandy, Organiser, Batley Festival.

“Those Lollipop Ladies are fab; they’re hilarious, so entertaining! Spectator” –  feedback via Adelle Jackson, Events Team, Kirklees Council.