Living Tables

Graceful, mysterious, exotic, and captivating.

Living Tables make a striking point of interest at your event.  The look book for this act is extensive so please do request a style and we will do our best to provide it!

Dynamic fluid movements mesmerize your guests as these glorious hosts and hostesses serve from their beautiful tables.

They are lovingly embellished  with LED lights and sparkling crystals ensuring they create a magical sight not to be missed.


These glowing tables are further enhanced by the delicate costumes worn by the hostess.  With elaborately feathered headdresses, delicate white tutus, and luxurious satin heeled ballet slippers these ballerina style costumes are the definition of elegance and class.

Contained within circular, glass like tables, these costumes allow freedom of movement and are designed in opulent white, light reflective textures, to maximize the coloured illumination of your choice.

Choose from white, red, green, yellow, orange, blue or colour changing, to match your theme perfectly.