Live Entertainment Acts to Spring at your Event by Livestock Productions.

Bird of Paradise of colour

Colourful, characterful and utterly charming walkabout act.  With fantastic make-up styling and costumes, these coquettish birds and exotic creatures are a vision of elegance and taste.

Towering high above guests, or at ground level they are a fun addition to any event.

For more information please see the Colourful Creatures page.

Glowing Goddesses

LED Elegance

A mirage of light, beauty and grace.

These glowing goddesses light up your event and can also provide focused dance and ribbon shows as well as mix and mingle with LED costumes.  Carrying lanterns, or majestically roaming through the crowd, these goddesses are hard to miss and a true spectacle to behold.

For more information please see the Glowing Goddesses page.

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