A stylish Ice Cream Tricycle

A friendly, courteous, fully trained member of staff to serve ice cream for an hour, smartly dressed in either a traditional red & white striped waistcoat or attire in keeping with your chosen theme.

Eight flavours of ice cream and sorbets.  We invite you to choose 6 flavours from our Ice Cream and Sorbet Menu.  To compliment and extend your choices, we then select and bring along 2 further flavours.

The Ice Cream Menu is quite extensive and does include flavours that can be used to enhance a theme.  For example, for a Cuban/Brazilian theme, caribbean flavours such as Banana & Clotted Cream, Coconut, Mango, Rum and Raisin and the like.

Ice Creams are served in tall, crispy waffle cones and are unlimited to guests.

Tubs & spoons and wafer cones for those guests not preferring a waffle cone.

A side table with 2 Ice Cream Sauces, 2 Sprinkles and Serviettes.

Alcoholic or soft Beverages

The tricycle can then be adapted for drinks service later in the evening – Pimms, Tequila, Vodka .. whatever the preference for your event!

For example, sticking to the Cuban/Brazilian theme example we could provide the following:

  • A stylish Tricycle as above, with the freezer being used to superchill the Jose Cuervo Tequila
  • Three friendly and engaging members of staff.   One to staff the Tricycle and two to circulate with Tequila Shots throughout the service period
  • Servings of ice cold Tequila shots

We will provide the Tequila and disposable shot glasses.  The number of shots to be provided per guest can be adapted according to requirements.


The Tricycle may be branded in a number of ways. We have artwork in stock as per the images, but it is possible to replace this branding with the client’s own.  The most effective and price efficient is for us to provide you with the dimensions of the freezer for the production of a poster-style paper/vinyl covering which we can affix to the Tricycle [as shown on the Oasis Tricycle photograph below].

The parasols provided are navy blue, however these can be adapted with decorations to theme this part of the Tricycle also.