Harry The Piano

Improvisational pianist. Combining world class technique with heaps of personality and showmanship. An absolute gem!

Hearing Harry play the piano can be a distressing experience for anyone who has ever laid hands on a keyboard, or for those who like to keep a tight rein on their use of superlatives…’

Harry’s extraordinary talent and breathtaking creativity have earned him a reputation as one of the most gifted improvising pianists in the world. Celebrities and critics alike have lined up to shower him with praise often smacking of astonishment. No other musician can spontaneously reinvent Michael Jackson in the style of Mozart, recreate a night at the Groucho club through the TV themes of its actor members, and improvise a seamless medley of audience requests ranging from James Bond to Shostakovich via West Side Story.

Often likened to a human jukebox, with his note-perfect knowledge of literally tens of thousands of tunes including most of the classical repertoire, every jazz standard and musical and most of the pop charts since 1950, but the sharp humour and inventiveness that characterise his shows makes Harry far more than that. Quite simply, he does things with the instrument that you’ve never heard before, moving seamlessly between jazz,  cabaret and classical in a manner that hasn’t been seen in the UK since the heyday of Dudley Moore. Harry’s show is a musical Cirque du Soleil, with one piano the only prop.

The best music show I’ve ever seen’  – Terry Wogan

The best damn pianist in the civilised world‘ – Jonathan Ross