Spin Glow Show

A beautiful, high-skill show using illuminated props…

This performance is an explosive visual stage act. Super-bright LED (glowing) hula hoops, juggling clubs and ‘Hyperlight’ poi illuminate the complex patterns and textures drawn in the air by three virtuoso circus artists.

In addition, ‘DigiPoi’ technology displays customisable words, logos and pictures in the shows’ finale. An effective finale to the show is when a name or even a person’s face appearing at the end of the poi juggling routine.

Stunning, elegant and extraordinary, this hugely entertaining act moves from beautifully presented feats of control and delightfully synchronous choreography to a jaw-dropping human-kaleidoscope finale.

Exceptional circus artists…

This trio comprises the UK’s top Hula Hooper and internationally recognised jugglers who bring their flair and trademark slick choreography to this dynamic new act. Expect super-tight multi-person routines, breath-taking skills and an exuberant stage-presence from these hugely talented artists.

Additional performers are an option – for example the solo (blacklight) hula routines featured in the videos below, as well as close up walkabout performances with a variety of costumes available.  Specialist props change colour and pattern synchronously between all artists so the performances are beautifully linked even across large spaces.


“Brilliant! One of the best acts we have ever had” – Ted Robbins (aka ‘The Governor’) BBC TV’s The Slammer

“An explosion of colour, light and energy…a veritable feast for the senses” – Nick Carver, Fete de Noue, Jersey, UK

“Fantastic!” – Jenny Waldman, Somerset House Trust, UK

“Stunning and sophisticated – the talking point of the night” – Charlotte Clark, Director, INCA Productions, UK

“Like painting with light – simply beautiful” – Tess Hills, Curious Cargo, UK