These elegant galaxy-walkers are like a mirage – quick to pass with entrancing dexterity as they glide, creating an atmosphere of beauty, power and serenity.

Graceful contact juggling, statuesque stilt walking and beautiful cirque-style costuming is combined to create a live performance experience.  The UK’s top contact juggling performers – the manipulation of crystal balls that glide, float, dance and levitate surreally around the artists’ hands, arms and bodies. Impossibly skillful, delightfully mesmeric and utterly astounding, this real-live magic must be seen to be believed.

Available as a as a walkabout/mix and mingle performance act or as a focused acrobalance on stilts show. This performance troupe has a repertoire of dynamic stilts acts which can be performed as focused acrobalance on stilts routines or as mix and mingle acts.


“Contact juggling…the art at its apotheosis” – Kate Copstick in The Scotsman

“Breathtaking, romantic and magical” – ESP Productions, Canada

“A truly extraordinary act!” – UK Pavilion, World Expo, China

“A scene which created the illusion of a ball levitating through the air of its own accord was simply astonishing” – Barry Gordon, Edinburgh Evening News

“Absolutely stunning! Such surreal elegance and magic. Our corporate clients and funders were charmed and utterly entranced by the characters and want to see it all over again!” – Client Relationship Manager, Outward Bound Professional