She’s a very busy Lizzy!

Meadow sweet and balmy in both scent and nature meet this colourful wayfarer as she journeys on through the garden of life.

She’s a woman with flower power from long, long ago, and though ancient she maybe, going to seed she certainly is not. So weed out your woes and partake of her wildflowers and wise words, rituals and remedies, and befuddlement and bemusement.

Lift your gloom with a bloom, calm your hysteria with wisteria, snore no more with herbivore, learn to chuckle with honeysuckle, and find your power in a flower! Her bloom is everlasting for you’ll forget-her-not!

A delightful puppet walkabout show featuring the ‘ancient flower woman puppet Busy Lizzy’, carrying her cargo of flowers & foliage and interacting with the public.

Also available as Winter Garden.