What does the Christmas Spirit mean to you?

Some of us know only too well that the sound of reindeer bells, cheeky elves and singing Santa’s creates an irresistible urge to reach for a strong drink (or two) as the festive nights draw in. Invites to a multitude of Christmas events arrive – some social, some family, some work.

Well-meaning parents might be forgiven for mistaking the sombre atmosphere of Santa’s grotto for a confessional booth (especially after office drinks!); higher-than-usual numbers attending Sunday mass merely a flimsy excuse for somewhere peaceful to nurse a pounding hangover.


We all know how a ‘sexy santa’ can make the Christmas party, but when Santa is a gymnast, multiple hoop spinner and consummate stage performer, this is one treat that you won’t regret including in your office stocking.

Festive performers for your Christmas events


Adding a touch of glamour & mystique to the Christmas tree, these elegant stilts light up in any colour combination desired. There are also traditional gold, green and red costumes as well as mistletoe ones that add that ‘special’ ingredient to the office party!




Crackers about Christmas?  We can’t help but recommend dressing your Christmas table with a dose of traditional Christmas spirit and tongue-in-cheek jokes guaranteed to go off with a bang!


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