Ringing in the New Year with innovative new entertainment ideas

A new year brings an appetite for new event ideas. This illuminated multi sensory drumming & visual experience is one to check out.

With the party season receding, and resolutions to uphold, it’s time to kick off 2017 with a brand new event experience…

• What does animation have to do with LED drumming?

• Can onscreen images be animated by the sound of acoustic Drums?

• Answers to all these questions can be found in this Video on the act page on the Livestock Productions website.

Concept Entertainment

Beat the January blues with some concept LED drumming. This sensory audio-visual live experience will undoubtedly blow away the post-christmas cobwebs.

Brand Awareness

Innovative, pre-recorded audience participation.  Brands, companies, employees and creative content all have their place in this show stopping spectacle…

Every beat triggers an image or animation – slogans, words and logos are animated to music

Event Entertainment

Additional LED instrumentalists and singers lift the atmosphere further, providing a dance spectacle meeting all your event requirements in one hit.

The show provides endless possibilities for bespoke production and brand awareness –  a well designed event idea centre-piece, this is concept entertainment at its best.  Suitable for awards ceremonies, gala dinners and team building events.

Innovation for 2017

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