The Dragons are a perfect walkabout entertainment to celebrate the big occasion.  Vibrant and fun, with a carnival feel, The Dragons are two bright and colourful walkabout creatures that were inspired by the Gaudí sculptures in Barcelona.

The Dragons veer between high-energy prancing and sculptural stillness, with their long tongues tousling your hair and their lizard like movements. They leap from one place to another – but beware! – they are very interested in the contents of your bags, your pockets or even your sandwiches.

The costumes are brightly coloured, beautifully and painstakingly made with wonderful attention to detail.

A perfect walkabout to add a touch of carnival to any event.

This act is great for Olympics 2016 Rio, Carnival, St Patrick’s day, St George’s Day, Colourful Occasions, Community Events, Animal Theme, Parades and Festivals.

You can book 2,3 or 4 Dragons for your event -Walkabout, Meet and Greet, Stilts


“Your performers were fabulous. We would definitely use them again – the crowds loved them….”- Halogen (via Contraband)

“Thank you, yes we enjoyed your performers too! I thought the Dragons worked particularly well with their colours against the rather grey backgrounds of Front Street!” – Katie Lodge, Event International Ltd