An event staple, Caricatures are always a source of great entertainment and give your guests an extra something that they will treasure forever!

Our Caricaturists are some of the best in the business, able to create hilarious high standard drawings in 3 – 4 mins!

Ideal for any type of event, from large corporate conferences to intimate private parties, these Caracturists have done it all and can tailor their set up specifically for your event. So if you’re looking for something traditional, branded or more modern, these artists can do it all.

Conferences & Exhibitions

The perfect way to stop traffic on your stand is to have a good giveaway. Caricatures. Black and white On A4 or colour on the badge/fridge magnets or pocket mirrors. Completed in only 3-4 minutes, allowing you time to you scan your potential client and they leave with a memento complete with your logo to put on their wall, walk around on their lapel or stick on their fridge. Perfect for conferences and exhibitions as people wear them and your stand becomes the talk of the show. Generating a buzz in the dullest of events and drawing a crowd onto an empty platform, everyone will want to know what’s going on!

Group drawings

Capture the whole Wedding Party.. all the Guests at your Function… the Winning Team.. everyone in The Office… all the Prize Winners.. or any group assembled in the same place at the same time! All in one picture! Watch the artwork appear before your eyes as our talented Caricaturists work together on one sheet to draw all your guests onto one big picture. This can then be copied, reduced, laminated or e-mailed for whoever wants a copy, creating memories that will last forever!

Party & Wedding entertainment 

A caricaturist at your event has become classic party entertainment. With no posing required, our Caricaturists circulate round the crowds at your reception or across the tables during dinner producing a finished caricature in 3 or 4 minutes! This is always a huge hit, bringing entertainment as well as keepsakes for your guests. With different theming costumes available, they can merge seamlessly into your event. For an extra touch, their A4 drawing paper can be pre-printed with a company logo or a personalised caption.

Digital Drawings

New technology brings new challenges and digital caricaturing is becoming increasingly popular.
Our Caricaturists can now digitalise your caricature creating the drawing on an iPad in full colour. This can be e-mailed to you on the spot, perfect for social media posting. These digital creations can also be printed live at any event, keeping the fun tactical nature of traditional caricature drawings.

For something totally different and personal at your party then our Caricaturists can create badges, fridge magnets, mugs and much more with your face on it!! Perfect for Christmas presents, event giveaways or fun keepsakes.