The Kitts Band

The Kitts are the ultimate party band and have played the best parties in the world for over a decade.

They perform from 7 piece to 28 piece, with tight horns, elegant strings, choreographed dancers & house DJ on tap to accompany their killer rhythm section and the world’s most prolific session singers.

Line-ups include…

* 7-piece (2 female singers, 1 male singer, keyboards, bass guitar, drums, guitar)
* 10-piece (add saxophone, trumpet, trombone)
* 13-piece (add female singer, male singer, percussion – 5 singers total!)
* Kitts Orchestra (5 singers, 5 rhythm, 6-piece horn section, electric strings)

“Everything’s going great, thanks – I put it a lot down to the lead vocalist at the wedding. I’m not saying it set the relationship off in a happy way, but let me assure you, there was an extensive honeymoon period off the back of that set.” – Dermot O’Leary

“You guys were absolutely fantastic, thanks so much for putting on such a terrific show for everyone. I’ve had people raving about the performance ever since. I am very grateful to you and all the band.” – Piers Morgan