Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

We’re in midst of a 3D revolution. With the unprecedented success of 3-D media, the world of entertainment has truly become multi-dimensional.

Have you considered how to 3D enable your event, or even move into the realm of 4D as interactivity continues to grow as an integral part of our event experience?  3D technology is now literally at your fingertips and available to apply to your event.

With the unprecedented success of Pokemon Go, augmented reality has proved itself as one reactive technology that can be used to create a unique element of interactivity within a live setting.

Livestock Event Case Study

Sci Fi themed event created by Livestock.  Guests were sent tickets that resembled boarding passes to gain entry to the ‘Space Ship’ (the venue).  On entering they held the company logo printed on the ticket to a small camera and screen interface which formed part of the design of the entry pod.  The technology recognised the symbol printed on the card and triggered an animated sequence visible to the viewer on the screen in place of the ticket.

The majority of the animations were Alien characters who welcomed the guests to the event, but a selection of the boarding cards had a variation of the logo printed on it which resulted in a special animation bearing gifts – in this case a prize at the bar the much coveted bottle of champagne.  These prizes were not random, but were awarded to employees who had exceeded their sales targets that year.

This technology can be used as an integrated part of live entertainment, conferences, product launches, viral and marketing promotional campaigns

Clients include:
BMW (award winning campaign)
United Emirates
Launch of O2

Livestock – The 3D Events and Production Company

Broadcasts coming soon…
•    4D installations using stereoscopic filming techniques
•    Interactive Real Time Avatar Installation – interactive booth that allows guests to choose and become a character for a fun and virtual experience
•    Convert your promotional material to 3D and all your products/services to explode onto the scene