Live entertainment acts for Spring is in the air!

Livestock Productions have a string of fantastic live entertainment acts to help your Spring event memorable:

Mesmerising Spring Performances

Stand back and gaze upon in wonder as these beautiful and quirky bathers perform a beautiful choreographed stage show.  They use their cheeky charm and highly skilled prop handling to hula hoop and ribbon-dance their way through guests as they make it their business to be noticed!

For more information please see the Bathing Belles page.

Carnival Showgirls-these electrifying showgirls are sensational, sassy, and unforgettable!

Live entertainment carnival Showgirls acts-these electrifying showgirls are sensational, sassy, and unforgettable!

Dazzling in feathers, silk and sequins, these Art Deco Showgirls add a colossal dose of fizz and sparkle to any event.  Each costume is adorned with hundreds of lights, to fabulous Vegas effect. These performers are available as stilt-walkers, dancers, acrobats, hula performers and much more… up to 7 fully costumed characters available as mix and mingle or stage performances.

The large head-dresses and tail feathers can be replaced with smaller crystal pieces to make a very compact version of this costume. We can also mix the costume parts so that each one has contrasting colours in a combination of yellow, blue and pink for an extra burst of colour per artist.

For more information please see the Carnival Showgirls page.

Please pick up the phone or email us now to chat about your Spring event and please follow the links to get to know some of our larger than life characters…

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