Radiant Dance

Arresting, original and spectacular, this fleet of costumed dancers are inspired by the legendary Loie Fuller.

These costumes are illuminated by hundreds of blinking points of bright light, and look equally stunning in strong daylight or darkness. They can also be worn on stilts.

These performers can appear as a wandering act, performing individually or in unison wearing their own music boxes if required. They can also perform fully choreographed stage shows.

There is  a multitude of colours available and these can be mixed and matched to add vibrancy or work to themes.  In addition there is a provision for dip dye and detachable detail panels which can be swapped, or removed to create a multitude of different looks. We can provide endless variations for these detachable detail panels, e.g. geometric shapes, pom-poms, bows and butterflies and logos.

  • The lights we use are visible even in full daylight
  • Unique, memorable and very beautiful
  • Groups of identically dressed artists make a statement
  • Gorgeous for making a real impact in any space
  • Great for outdoor or indoor events