Illuminated Branded Drumming Show

This sophisticated, fresh and gob smacking LED Drumming show can be branded or tailored all according to the type theme of the event or the occasion.

All touches of any of the techno designed drums create a reaction both sound and visual wise, so in other words every beat in theory can trigger off a different image, or animation to a visual image on a background screen and can also produce absolutely any type of beat or sound.

Standard shows are already available with a genre of house and trance music, but this can all be tailored to suit the event or the occasion.

Shows can not only display slogans, words or logos but also pictures of absolutely anything and can be animated according to a specific type of music.

Front panels of the LED drums can also have an image or a logo displayed and animated whilst the drummer is playing.,

Performance sets can vary from 15min – 30min – 1hr long and can also be performed with live singer

What does animation have to do with LED drumming?

Can onscreen images be animated by the sound of acoustic Drums?

Answers to all these questions can be found in the Video below