We present a two person apothecary-sideshow featuring two clandestine performers peddling their wares – a card table, suitcase and music box (Ambox) with its own soundtrack.

The performers play games (cards, mime and music) with guests, teaching people about old wives tales, home remedies and non medicinal cures that they have collected on their travels (mostly real but a few made up). The audience are asked to choose cards, guess the mimes and join in with the musical activity.

All cures are accumulated whilst the compendium is in full swing.  The performers collect peoples own home remedy or cure suggestions using a sound collecting device (The Phoneum) building into the collection of ailment cures.

With fantastic props and engaging characters, guests go home with samples of these wares in the form of little bags/boxes/packets of herbs and apothecary such as: conkers, coloured beads, buttons, eucalyptus leaves, dried meal worms etc.

An enchanting and fascinating walkabout act.