Comedy walkabout from twelve totally incompetent spies. At nine foot tall, eye-catching glamorous, highly talkative and easily out-foxed, they are hopeless at going under cover but always highly entertaining.  Available in a range of nationalities (The red badger swims at midnight!)

These costumes can be worn on stilts or foot, for any of our skills, sneaking about, passing the briefcase, casing the joint and whispering code words to random passers-by. Espionage can perform as interactive wandering characters or dance in groups of unison, accompanied if required by their own portable sound system. Also available for staged performance.

Great simple base costume that can be styled to work with different eras and themes, e.g. movies, business people, jazz characters and more.

The Dance show that features these characters is a smouldering, smart and stylish jazz act inspired by the works of Bob Fosse.