Charleston Flapper Dance

Specialising in vintage and eccentric dances from the 1920’s – 1940’s, reviving popular dance crazes and steps from the jazz age, and adding their own unique twist this duo’s successful appeal has evolved from their combination of exciting original music, fancy footwork and slick tandem choreography;

Always presented with delectable costumes and immaculate style.

Some of their most popular routines include:

The Charleston: A lively and characterful crowd pleaser full of competitive kicks and turns, claps and slaps!

Happy Feet: As Barn storming pilot’s they ‘loop the loop’ in a way Busby Berkley

would have directed; soaring effortlessly between classic chorus line and Lindy Hop.

Sailor: Jaunty sailors on shore leave, Captain and Cabin boy execute their eccentric

choreographic drills for queen and country.

Bongo: a sultry and seductive homage to Josephine Baker, incorporating moves from the

Black Bottom and drawing on the 1920’s Hollywood fascination with the exotic.

Ha cha na: Based around the shim sham Shimmy (a popular 20’s Jazz /Tap routine) to quirky music and kooky choreography to match.