No Mad Karma may be the World’s Strangest Live Act Band

At the height of excitement surrounding No Mad Karma’s crossover dance- floor chart smash “27” a couple of summers back, a Norwegian journalist wrote “This just might be the Worlds strangest band”!

After all, what is a Kazakh superstar doing in a band with a tattooed Yoga master (who also happens to be Amy Winehouse’ s Cousin), The Bee Gee’ s Guitarist and Produced by Kate Bush’ s Drummer/ Percussionist on a Number 11 Music Week hit mixed by DJ Synthkartell? Sounds like a wild and crazy mix right? “

Well, it just shows how small the world is now and the power of the Internet in the Music making process” Kazakh Bandleader Aidos Sagat points out. “Sending files across the globe to complete tracks is easy.”
After he met Producer Preston Heyman in London’s Ministry Of Sound Club, the pair decided to try something different in music and now they are back with their new single ‘ Mother Earth First’ and appearing at a massive concert at World Expo 2017 Astana Kazakhstan on 9th August with their ground breaking Multi-Media Visual Show and The Astana Opera House Choir to support the Expo’s mantra of using Clean, Green Renewable energy for a better future on Mother Earth.

In fact, they wrote the song for Expo 2017 and it is perfect to get people to think about their actions and put ‘ Mother Earth First’ .

“We only have one Planet”says singer Sye,“What are You gonna do about it?” We should all think about that!

With a London show lining up in the autumn and the album almost complete, No Mad Karma are on a roll.

Check them live at World Expo Astana on 9th August 2017. It’ s a Must See!

The video is a lot of fun with a serious message and it sounds like an even bigger crossover hit than “27” with great Mixes by Kinky Roland and Warboy.

You can check the Mother Earth First Video on YouTube-

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